.suoɯǝp ʎɯ ɹoɟ for my demons.

this is just a temporary title until I can come up with something terribly witty and fashionably intriguing.. most likely something that will make you want to follow my pathetic excuse for a tumblr page..

Unfortunately My name is Desiree.
22|Married|twin|autodidact artist|brooding|

My page isn't themed nor has popular or cliche aesthetics so, I am terribly not sorry if you find it unorganized and cluttered.

I enjoy the dark, occultism, mythology, ancient culture, nature, folklore, Wicca, Cracked articles, Divination, oddities, art, tattoos, moths and butterflies, pre-raphaelite, medival, fantasy, HIM, the 69 eyes, The Rasmus, Tori Amos, David Bowie, Muppets, Movies of all kinds, books, make-up, etc. Much more but too lazy to take note of at the moment.

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“I know nothing and my heart aches.”

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet  (via mer-se)

I can’t look at you now without feeling filthy and inadequate.

I wish I could be naive with you again.

I need someone to talk to..



Robe d’intérieur par Redfern
"Robe en crêpe de chine avec incrustation d’angleterre ; devant en tulle plissé ; ceinture liberty brodée de perles fines."
Photograph in Les Modes : Revue mensuelle illustrée des arts décoratifs appliqués à la femme. February 1903
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