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this is just a temporary title until I can come up with something terribly witty and fashionably intriguing.. most likely something that will make you want to follow my pathetic excuse for a tumblr page..

Unfortunately My name is Desiree.
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My page isn't themed nor has popular or cliche aesthetics so, I am terribly not sorry if you find it unorganized and cluttered.

I enjoy the dark, occultism, mythology, ancient culture, nature, folklore, Wicca, Cracked articles, Divination, oddities, art, tattoos, moths and butterflies, pre-raphaelite, medival, fantasy, HIM, the 69 eyes, The Rasmus, Tori Amos, David Bowie, Muppets, Movies of all kinds, books, make-up, etc. Much more but too lazy to take note of at the moment.

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The Nightmare (detail), Henry Fuseli, 1780-81

山の朝 (by あおい.)


Nøkken - Theodor Kittelsen
The nøkk/näck (water spirit) occurs in scandinavian folklore as a creature that lurks in the marsh waiting for prey. It dons the form of a beautiful woman who plays heavenly melodies on its violin to enchant its target. The gorgeous songs it plays are irrestistible and forces humans to descend into the marsh to their doom.
Musicians are able to approach the nøkk and if so done correctly, they can learn its songs which will make trees dance and cause waterfalls to stop so they can listen.

"La Chimère" (1867) - Gustave Moreau

Natural History Museum, Frankfurt